Three Steps to A Great Logo.

I see a lot of really great logo design in Trinidad & Tobago and also some not so great ones. Designing a logo for your organization or business is serious work, you have to ensure that your logo looks great and is functional. We’ll go over some tips to help you get the most from your logo design as possible.

When it’s your turn to oversee a logo design project here are three criteria that can help you create a logo you can be thrilled about.


Relatability is how your position the visual appeal of your logo for its intended audience. You must pay close attention to the design elements used in your logo and how they communicate what you’re trying to say through your design.


The single most important thing to keep in mind for this criteria is a focus on simplicity. Simplicity in logo design helps your communication to be more easily recognizable, versatile and memorable. Your goal in creating an effective logo design is making it clear and understandable for your audience and a focus on simplicity in design will help you to achieve this. I see a lot of logos in Trinidad that try to say way too much and just comes across as confusing.


The reason we create a logo is for its functionality and if it becomes unable to function it becomes unusable. Usability in your logo design is where you take into account where your logo will appear and how it will be used, from business cards to poster boards, to onsite elements, it’s important to think about how your logo will appear on these mediums.

By considering all of these criteria in your design — it will help you forge an effective logo that is relatable, readable, memorable and usable. Your business or organisation will reap the benefits of having a strong graphic identity and your audience will be able to identify you from your competitors.


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